About The Show

Hello there,

I'm Clayton M Coke FRSA,

I wanted to create a podcast that was rooted in the realities that businesses face on a daily basis. I was dissatisfied with podcasts & blogs that only seemed interested in mega-successful businesses repeating the same stories again and again.

When I was a dashing young  blade 😉 [you'll hear that phrase a lot from me], I was always been fascinated by the stories of people who didn't have handouts or trust funds but used their energy, enthusiasm and ingneuity to build businesses. The people that took a turn in direction either via a quirk of fate or who just said to "hell with it" and changed the course of their lives, in mid-stream.

The Cashflow Show Podcast is all about: Real People, Real Business, Real Talk.

It's about creating a space where Entrpeprenurs & Business Owners feel safe to share their successes, failures, hopes & aspirations in a safe, open environment.

As a member of The Cashflow Crew [Yes, You!] we want to educate, inspire and entertain you, by encouraging you to go back to your own businesses with energy and ideas to make them grow.

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Our mission is to make The Cashflow Show Podcast the "#1 Business Podcast in the English-Speaking world". That's what my notice board says in the office and I'm sticking to it!

Your Host

Clayton M Coke | Creator & Host of The Cashflow Show

Clayton M Coke | Creator & Host of The Cashflow Show

Clayton M Coke FRSA is the Founder & Managing Director of PRMS Ltd a Late Payment Management company based in the City of London.

He trained as a Legal Executive and Mediator and has worked in Private practice Local Authority, Central Government as well as an in-house Lawyer.

Clayton is also the presenter of the Mr Coke’s Casebook video series, highlighting historical cases and the lessons learned and The Cashflow Show podcast where we talk to a business owner or entrepreneur and hear the tales of the origins of their business, their successes & failures and their future in the business world.

Clayton M Coke FRSA, is available to supply exclusive written comment or for interview. Clayton is available at info@prmsltd.co.uk or 0203 865 7138.